Our Vision

We are followers of Jesus Christ, and we seek to be a Believing, Worshiping, Caring congregation, with a focus to mission,demonstrating His love in all we do, and a commitment to growing the next generation of church

It is our desire and intent..


To offer instruction and training, grounded in the Bible, to all ages,

to grow in the love and discipleship of Jesus.

To see our young people and children come to faith.


To worship our Creator in all of life. To celebrate the love, power

and blessing of God.

To worship as a family in an age appropriate style

To support individual worship

To enhance worship through the power of music.


To care for each other in the congregation,

To extend that care to those in the global community,

To see the vision of our child friendly church award come to life


To set goals and achieve them

To be a vibrant,sustainable Christian Community

To spread the message of God's love and support

To challenge all forms of injustice using the teachings of Jesus our guide

To share God's love with those who do not come to church,

children, young people and their families.