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Just over ten years ago I was worried about whether we could have a holiday club as Nya had left to go back to Zimbabwe, but she said I have a friend from college who might be able to help out. Also I was informed that she would not cover the hall with flour and then play water games at Christmas! 10 years later not sure where the time has gone but we have said our good byes now to that youth worker who just came to help out for the holiday. As a manager you always look to see how you can develop your staff and Alice and I have talked at different times on what’s next. So I am very sad to see Alice leave us but on the other hand very pleased that she has gained the knowledge and skills to be able to take forward the next stage in her ministry. Alice has some excellent talents which will help her in the future, craft ( help what am I going to do without a demonstration model!) being one of them. She has so many great ideas. She has written some excellent holiday clubs and nativity plays. The naivety plays have always been unique bringing in lots of jokes! The New year party has always been a great success and surprising how much fun you can have with screwed up bits of newspaper ( and calling them snowballs)
She is very adaptable turning her hand to challenges we set for her. The first thing I asked her to do was set up a toddler group, which she did with much enthusiasm- this has been very successful over the years. Alice also worked on our outreach at Larchfield and I know she will be sorely missed there. She has done "open the book" as well. She set up our N:vestigate group with lots of cooking craft and games. She supported scouts and our Junior church. She also worked with our young people who have now gone off to uni. She also does excellent all age services prayer stations and she also did a number of early morning Easter services. She helped support the band.
She had also been keen to help outside the church with the work with Good Shepherd on the fish club and A&O when we ran a monthly kids club. Alice was also the GB district chaplain and a member of the synod children and youth executive areas of work that you probably did not know about.
What always struck me about Alice was the care and support she gave to the children and young people as well as forming good relationships with the parents.
Alice will be so missed by those that she has helped and supported through all her work. However we know that God has called her to do new things with the church related community work course. I know that this is a huge commitment but I know that she will really embrace the challenge. It is an excellent opportunity for her and I know having many discussions with her that this is what she has wanted to do for a few years. She will need our continuing prayers over the next 4 years and by the time you read this she will have already started the course.
I know that the legacy that Alice leaves us is fantastic and the way that she has touched the lives of so many children young people and adults can never be measured. I would like to ask the church to support the continuing work in a number of ways, please pray for the groups that will continue and for all the people who are supporting the children’s work in the church. Also if you can support at all in any way just let me know. It does not need to be a huge commitment.

Jo Greengrass
Children and Young Peoples Lead